November 2009

Financial statements give a snapshot of a company’s operations and its financial health.  A study of the four main statements – the balance sheet, income or earnings statement, the cash flow and statement of shareholder’s equity – reveals significant trends to figure out if a company is worth investing in. For the purpose of this […]

[Two common philosophies of stock investing are “value investing” and “growth investing” – value investing is covered in another post] Growth investing is a strategy by which an investor buys stocks that are forecast to grow at rates exceeding that of its peers or the overall stock market. Growth investors do so by identifying companies […]

This is my review of the awesome book for beginner investers called Investing Made Simple written by Mike Piper who is the author of the investing blog Oblivous Investor. I’ve highlighted both Mike’s blog and book before and I was quite happy to review the book for him. I think it’s a great resource for […]

If you read the business pages or investment in mutual funds you will often hear portfolio managers described as “bottoms up investors” or “top down” in their investment approach.  Here is an explanation of “top down”. The investor using a top down investment approach looks at the big picture. Macro economic variables such as the […]