January 2010

Money market mutual funds are mutual funds that invest in very short-term, highly liquid securities which are considered safe havens such as government securities or T-bills, certificates of deposit, and commercial paper. The funds are easily accessible and are as good as savings accounts in terms of liquidity. Money market mutual funds usually come with […]

Low cost passive investing is more in vogue than ever.  With last year’s market meltdown affecting both managed mutual funds as well as their low-cost counterparts index funds and exchange traded funds – many investors are asking why they are paying extra money for managers who manage to lose just as much money as the […]

What Are Hedge Funds?

by ABC editor

Hedge funds are thinly regulated private investment funds for high net worth individuals and institutions. They tend to be extremely quantitative and highly leveraged in their investing approach, coming up with proprietary “black-box” models to determine their trades. Hedge funds became popular in the 1990s when their numbers doubled, but they had a spectacular run […]

2010 is looking like a better year than 2009.  Last year there was doom and gloom everywhere.  Banks were failing or being bailed out, the dollar was falling, the stock market was falling.  Things were not looking good. This year, while unemployment is still high and the economy is sluggish, it appears that the US […]