October 2010

Index funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are the best investment products for couch potato investing. Find out all the basics in these articles. What are exchange traded funds? Should I buy ETFs or Index funds? Should I buy ETFs or Index funds? A far more detailed look at this question. Not all index funds […]

Financial planning involves setting goals and proper asset allocation. How to set your financial goals. How to create and investment policy statement Investment policy statement example – active investor Investment policy statement example – passive investor Investment time horizon – Determine your appropriate asset allocation. Investment time horizons for retirees Safe investment withdrawal – the […]

Fixed income includes bonds, high interest savings accounts, CDs and TIPS. Read all about them here. What are bonds? What is an interest payment? What is fixed income? Types of fixed income investments. How interest rates affect bond prices. What are CDs – certificates of deposit? Money market mutual funds Fixed income risks Tax free […]

Everything you need to know about asset allocation is right here. What is asset allocation? Reasons for owning different asset classes Retirement asset allocation strategies Asset allocation strategies Portfolio rebalancing Investment diversification