Will There Be A Stimulus Check In 2010?

by ABC editor

2010 is looking like a better year than 2009.  Last year there was doom and gloom everywhere.  Banks were failing or being bailed out, the dollar was falling, the stock market was falling.  Things were not looking good.

This year, while unemployment is still high and the economy is sluggish, it appears that the US economy is not going to slide off the face of the earth.  The big question everyone is asking is “Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?”

Will there be another stimulus check in 2010?

Even though the stock markets have rebounded over the last several months, the economy could still use some juice in the form of a stimulus check.  In 2008 the government spent a lot of money sending out $600 stimulus checks to most tax payers.  This program was generally considered a success although the impact to the economy was very difficult to measure.  2009 did not see a general stimulus check but rather a $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI recipients.

Last fall, President Obama proposed a bill to create another $250 stimulus check for Social Security and SSI to make up for the fact that the SS and SSI payments did not have any cost of living increase this year because of low inflation.  This bill has not been approved by Congress so only time will tell if that particular stimulus check will ever see the light of day.

The question of whether there will be another stimulus check in 2010 can only be answered by saying that right now there are no plans for such a check.  So far there has been no mention of any type of general stimulus check by the government or any of the mainstream press.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be a stimulus check this year.  Although it’s not all that likely, such a stimulus effort could be announced any time and the checks mailed off within a few months.  Given the logistics of creating stimulus checks I would hazard a guess that if there is no announcement from the government regarding a stimulus check by about September of 2010 then it will be very unlikely to happen.

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