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Dividend investing is very popular – read these posts to understand the basics. What are stock dividends? Should I invest in dividend stocks? Dividends – cash or reinvest? – Should you buy more with your dividends in your account or withdraw them as cash? Dividend yield – How to calculate it. Dividend increases and cuts […]

All individual stocks are traded on stock exchanges. Whether you own individual stocks, index funds, etfs or mutual funds – these articles are important to read. What is a stock market exchange? What is a stock market index? Different types of stock market indexes More information on stock market indexes

Short Selling Stocks

by ABC editor

Short selling stocks is a method of betting against a stock. You borrow stocks from your broker and sell them a view to buying them back at a lower price. Short sellers hope to profit from market declines, or when a stock is hit with unexpected bad news leading to a tanking of the share […]

In a previous post, the “market” order was discussed – if you haven’t done so, please read that post first. If you want to buy an ETF (exchange traded fund) or a stock online,  it is important to learn about market orders and limit orders.  One of the potential problems with a “market” order is […]

Stock Splits

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Stock splits occur when a company decides that their stock price has risen to a level where it is getting harder for investors to buy it in small quantities.  Normally a company will replace 1 of its shares with 2 or more new ones (ie 2 for 1 split).  For example if the stock price […]

An exchange traded fund or ETF is an investment that contains the same stocks of a stock market index, in the same proportion as the stock index. If you are thinking this sounds a lot like index funds, you would be correct! How ETFs are priced The price of an ETF is determined by the […]

Stock Market Index

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If you follow the news regularly then you have probably heard of the “Dow Jones” index and maybe the “S&P 500” index.  Let’s take a look at what a stock market index is and why you should know about them. An stock market index (or just “index) is a number that measures the relative value […]


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Dividends are payments from a company to all its stock owners. Not all companies pay a dividend and the amount of each dividend is quite variable between companies. Some companies choose to keep all their profits to reinvest in the company and some companies choose to pay out some of those earnings as dividends. Whether […]


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Have you ever heard someone talking about a “hot stock tip” or “playing the markets”?  Were you too embarrassed to admit that you don’t really know what a stock is or how to buy one?  Then keep reading! What is a stock? Stocks are shares in companies. If you buy a share of a company […]